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Scotts and some fun….


Feb 14, 2011
I did manage to get to Scotts this month but you are going to be disappointed in my lame pictures.  I just did not see much that I was inspired by.  Some months it is like that…..BUT…I did meet Michele from My Notting Hill .  She had emailed me that she was coming in town for business and staying the weekend to  go to Scott’s and some other wonderful stores in Atlanta.  I met her and her friend Anne on Friday morning for coffee.  

So much fun…talking design, magazines, and such.  I don’t think there was a quiet moment.  I know I don’t have to say this but how incredible is the “blogging world”…..I can hardly put it into words how great it is to meet so many people who share the same passion as you!  I really wanted to hang out with them all day 🙂
THEN….I saw Dayka from Meditations on Life and Style.  After all of her trips to Scotts, she decided to set up her own booth this month.  We chatted for a while about how hard it is.  I remember when I did it, we got up at 4:30 in the morning to go get in line to unload.  They kind of give you a time and you sit there in your truck until they wave you in.  You are trying to set up and people are all in your face asking you how much things are.  You don’t want to miss a sale, and you are trying to be polite BUT YOU JUST WANT TO GET SET UP SO YOUR BOOTH IS PRETTY!!!  Then you are exhausted.  Seriously it is the longest weekend and by Sunday afternoon you are like “WTF was I thinking…this is not that fun.  For real.  I’m done.  Never again.
I know that is what Dayka is thinking 🙂  She was still smiling on Friday though……
Here are the few uninspiring pictures that I got.  Don’t hate me.  I will do better next month.  Since my favorite thing is pillows, let’s just start there.
Love these.  Would look good in Angie’s house but I would have to buy them and put them on CL and sell them to her really cheap.  Not a good plan for me 🙂
Green and blue…whose favorite colors are those?????
Yes…I do love this color and pattern….
Yeah baby…
More for me….
This I saw on Thursday and after I got home just could not stop thinking about it……Of course when I went back Friday morning to get it …..gone…
She is represented by Karen Orr out of Jacksonville.  Guess I will have to get her to do another one because I love her style…..
I love this piece…especially already painted….
And this one also…wonder what this base color is…such a great “french blue”…would go great with the picture and a few of the pillows…..
These just caught my eye….
And last….WHAT…last you say?  Yeah…told you I did not get that many pictures this month.  But these were cool and only $400 for the pair.  Not too bad for vintage plexiglass.  Although not in my budget right now.  Neither was the painting but I wanted that more I guess…..priorities.
OK…I forgot about this one.  I wanted to send it to the bachelor.  Since he likes bats and all….Is there a market for this stuff?  A shadowbox with a dead bat in it.  Somebody might want to tell him that he is at the wrong place to sell this sucker.
Spent the day with Angie on Sat getting all of her fabrics.  We did stay with the Duralee Ikat for the curtains and pillows.  Kind of a mix between both inspirations boards.  No orange…though.  We went to five thrift stores looking for a table to go in between her sofa and chair and found NOTHING…very discouraging.  So it needs to be round….28″across and 24″-26″ high.  And of course….free would be good but under $75 would work for her.
Here is the deal about this house.  Angie and her husband actually bought it to renovate, furnish, and then rent.  They are going to be gone for a year or so traveling around the world.  They did this 10 years ago also.  That is why everything must be a deal.  So it is not just that she is miserly, stingy, parsimonious, tightfisted chintzy, and frugal but…… since they may only live there 6 months or so she doesn’t want to spend too much $$$$$.
One more thing…What was up with Barbara Streisand’s  dress at the Grammy’s.  It looked like the curtains from Gone With The Wind.  I am usually not very critical of what people wear….cause I know I can have an off day every now and then……but seriously…..when you have money…you can have a stylist.  
A fun giveaway coming around the corner…..