• Wed. Sep 22nd, 2021



Jan 21, 2020

So yeah….I ghosted on Friday.  I didn’t mean to but I was going to the mart and just didn’t have time to pull something together.  I know…lame excuse.  

I am feeling a little overwhelmed with work right now so I am just trying to keep my s**t together.  I know I am not the only person with a full schedule so I hate to complain…..I am a sissy:)  

How long has it been since I have done a Scott’s post?  I haven’t been in ages so Rose and I decided to wander down there and see what kind of trouble we could get into:)

We got an early start and traffic was light so that was a plus.  I live about 19 miles away so without traffic it is a quick trip.

I am looking for some art for a client but she is VERY picky….as she is a curator of art…. and she makes shooting my selections down a sport:)

I want some black and white art for her bathroom with some pretty chunky gold frames….preferably vintage….

Of course it can’t be any reproductions either….

So in a few words….I found nothing!

On another note I love Scott Kerrs work [I have one of them myself].

I don’t know who did this one but it definitely checks all the boxes!  White vases….with branches….check! Cool art with some black in it….check!

I can hardly resist anything that is raw wood….and this long bench made me giddy….

And this piece was everything…..

Of course we all know dark wood is back in a big way.  I think the only reason to paint dark furniture is if it is a cheap piece but has good lines!

This table was gorgeous…..

Raise your hand if you hate faux greenery….but you’re not going to find my hand up!  I am all for it in the right spot.  And there is not much I like more than moss hanging around in a vessel.  Yes please….

For the same bathroom I am looking for a small 2×3 rug.  I loved the colors in these but I couldn’t decide!  Lucky for me he is local so I need to go by and grab a few so we can see which ones works the best…..

I did pick this up for a client….it’s so very hard to find neutrals now without blue in them….I was desperate for something like this for a foyer and it was perfect!!

Now for some random goodness….

Anything old and concrete right?

Vintage rattan….yup!

Asian pottery has me real interested lately…..

A gathering of crusty old frames….

Still digging African baskets and like how they painted one of them 1/2 white…..

Armoires…..you can’t give them away but this beauty was OK by me.

It was a fun day……

Here’s hoping everyones week is off to a good start!