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Jun 7, 2019

It’s been quite a while since I did a Scott’s post!  

Well….guess what….get a cup of coffee [or a glass of wine depending…] and let’s hang out for a minute…

For those of you….is it news to anyone…..that aren’t familiar with Scott’s it’s a monthly flea market here in Atlanta.  2 huge buildings fill with stuff.

I used to go all the time but I had to wean myself because it was out of hand.  Yeah….meaning I don’t need anymore stuff in my basement right:)

Let’s get going because it’s Friday and we need to start celebrating about that!

I love and old piece like this…would be perfect in a modern kitchen.

I don’t know what these were but the guy was on the phone forever and I got tired of waiting.  Actually that saved me from  probably buying!

Old concrete planters are always a good thing!

 Brass….vintage and some modern art.  Yes please.

This little paper cuter below was darling…..seriously it was about 8″ x 8″…..

And we don’t need any lessons on how classic blue china is right?

I know these juju hats were all the rage a while back but I can still dig them in the right space.

This whole situation…..

Y’all know I have one of these over my mantel.

There are always ton’s of porcelain vendors….

These adorable llamas !

I will not be tricked into buying these cute lavender topiaries because I would probably kill them in the car on the way home!

Always TONS of rug vendors…..

And great styling…..

These colors in this blanket!

Black and white art in gold vintage frames is hot!

I have these chairs that I bought on Craigslist about 7 years ago but sprayed mine white.

This original art….1100.00  A steal.  It was huge.

I these chairs were like a 1000.00 for 6!  That is definitely a steal!

These colors…..

If you know me….then you know I am a fan or anything textural….

A special brass bowl huh!

And people….this chest with a marble top was only 1500.00  I mean…..

Another amazing rug….

Always so much painted furniture….I love the shape of this dresser.


Wooden bowls….not old but that’s OK with me….still love em.

These raw candlesticks…..


So this little number below with a pretty fern in it….right?

I’m only showing you this to SHOW you that you can literally find anything there and right across from this….

Is something like this!

Pretty  fabric and vintage quilts!

Well that’s it….I’m actually going back today with a client to get some good stuff for her house.  That will be fun because it still feels like you are shopping….. but only for someone else.

Let’s kick this weekends a**