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Scott’s finally!


May 25, 2011
I have so many good pictures from Scott’s last month.  Can I just tell you that I could have written some bad checks?  Some months it seems like everything you see would be perfect in your home.  The problem is that I have quite enough furniture  so buying something would mean replacing something….which means sneaking it into the house and convincing my husband that it has ALWAYS been there…..and then trying to sell what WAS there…….or find a place to stash it…..yada…yada…yada.

Before we get to the pictures, can I tell you that my husband had a cold last week.  Now I know this is no news flash to some of you but crikey when men get sick they are SUCH BABIES.  He stayed in bed all day and I delivered no less than three meals to him.  Fast forward to today and I have the same cold.  Of course I will be packing the car for the beach, getting the dogs ready and doing practically everything so that all he has to do is throw his flipping suitcase in the car and go.  Bitter…party of one.
Enough complaining…..
Series of 4……so cool
Aren’t they fab!
Oh yes…come to mama…..
More black and white goodness….
I LOVE this coffee table.  My base is similar, painted white, and I think I will put it outside for the summer to rust.  OH yea…the Mr. will be all over that one.  Your doing WHAT?
While we are on black and white….
Perfection.  Love this sofa.
And this chair could go with it!
Original finish on furniture…also love the wall hanging.  Hey…to the right is a rug that could also go in this room….See what I mean….
And then put this chair in to mix it up a little.
And a nice light fixture.  I find it amazing that most of these items were not together but I must have subconsciously building a room:)
Headboard…..slap me.
Yep….should have bought…cheap.
Drop leaf table that he just bleached!  You can buy this gel bleach and apply it to furniture to get this look….
The picture AND the chair.
Quite cool…..chairs and lamps.  Like ear rings….house jewelry.  Can’t have enough.
More ear rings 🙂
I have a bench very similar in my basement….need to paint and recover.  
One to some pillows
Beautiful……would match nothing in my house.  I would have to start over and this pattern could almost make me do it.  Kelley you rock.
These on the other hand would match…..
Brass AND jewel tones are back.  Never thought I would see the day……
These would match my house also…..remorse……should have gotten.
And this rug.  I saw these at the mart for the first time last summer and I love them so much.  I am waiting for some of those great DIY people to dye a rug.  You know they will.
Finally, what is more beautiful than yellow flowers in a tarnished silver vase????
So trying to get out of town today for 10 days.  They have sanded the floors and are painting them white while I am gone.  Then the sealer, which I hope will prevent me from killing myself that I put white floors in my whole house.  People, this will either be the best thing I ever did or the worst.  
One of the problems is that the floors in the bedroom are white oak and the rest of the house is red oak.  Big difference, as when we were testing the strength of how white I wanted, when we would wipe off the paint to see the stain, they were turning pink.  SO….had to go a little more saturated on them.  
I may have to have one of those baskets at the front door with booties [like in a showhouse] in them for the rest of my life.  And the dogs…..well that is a whole different story.  I know you guys are scared for me.  It is like deciding to cut bangs in the summer when you have naturally curly hair…..big mistake.