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Scott’s in December!


Dec 13, 2010

I have some great pictures that I took at Scott’s this month.  I think I told you guys that Better Homes filmed me shopping there for the launch of the Ipad app in May.  I was nervous but since it is something I am so passionate about and love doing…it wasn’t as scary as I thought it was.  I guess we will see if they use it!

It was cold weekend and I didn’t get to do that much shopping on Thursday but I went back on Friday with Lisa and Jan and we were pretty successful.  Even though Lisa didn’t buy anything I didn’t hold it against her since it is the holidays 🙂
Here are some of the wonderful things I saw.  If only money grew on trees….
Let’s start with pillows.

Black and white.

These are beautiful.  This fabric is quite expensive [between $600-800 a yard] so 200.00 a pillow is pretty good!

Yummy…gold and dark gray.

Love this Osborne and Little fabric.


My favorite colors!

 Which leads me to these!!!  I love me some shutters and I bought those small ones in the right hand corner.  I used them in my Christmas decor which you will see sometime before Christmas 🙂

And I bought some of the blue leather books for $10 each!  Score.

Great sunburst mirrors.  They were practically all sold.

LOVE…I had no place for it!

I know you want this….:)

Beautiful.  I bought this for a client.  It was a lovely french blue with old mirror in it.

I bought these for me…$3.00 each!

Old green leather chesterfield sofa….

These would make me happy.

So cool.  Old pieces of slate with numbers on them.  They were “Target” cheap and I bought 2 for my house…you’ll see !

Wish I had gotten this…

This girl took old fabric and wrapped it in a tight ball….I loved it with the old scissors.

large spools of thread.

Great in a boys room.

Lockers are hot now…

So are these…

I really kind of wanted this….price was too high.

I’ll take it all!!!

Stunning.  Was afraid to look at the price 🙂

Is there anybody who wouldn’t want this?????

Why do I like mirrors so much???

Jan bought this for her master.  She put some pretty necklaces on it.

These would be great hung together on al wall.

Something Jonathan Adler would like I think.

Covered in Tom Filicia’s new fabric line from Kravet.

Aren’t they cute?

OK…you must be bored by now.  Or pissed cause you weren’t there.  Scott’s is the best place to shop….for real people.

On another note, I am going to one of those Christmas Cookie parties tonight.  I got a stern note that you could not BUY your cookies.  Whatever.  So I made some that had 2 ingredients.  And I almost screwed it up.  Yep.  The recipe said all you do is melt mint chocolate chips in the microwave and dip the ritz crackers in it.  Sounds easy enough.  Except it doesn’t exactly melt all the way which confused me and I dipped one in there and it was so hot it took my skin off.  I had to use some tongs and then it left a place where there was no chocolate when I put it on the wax paper.  They aren’t very pretty but they taste like the Girl Scouts thin mints.  Taste is all that counts in cookies.  Cause if you are eating them in the dark and they’re good who cares right?

It is cold…… like Iceland…… today in Atlanta.