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Scott’s in January


Jan 10, 2011
Snow day in Atlanta!!!  Yep.  Which enabled me to get caught up with paperwork and blogs! Love me a good unplanned holiday 🙂

As Scott’s is always the second weekend of the month….when Sat is on the 1st it throws me a little that it is scheduled 7 days later.  But…I got an email from Lou Cinda [Tattered Hydrangeas] saying that she and a few friends would be coming up from Gadsden, Alabama [2.5 hour drive] for Scott’s and that alerted me!!!!  We met for lunch and a little shopping.  It was so much fun to meet her!  She is dang funny and so were her friends.

On to what is really important here…pictures!  Although I have to say to all of the people who commented about my $10.00 budget…about how that was impossible.  Well…you guys were right.  What was I thinking setting the bar like that.  I did spend $10 plus $90 more.  It’s like crack people…what can I say.
As usual I will start with pillows.  I love them and could buy new ones every month.

These would go great with Honeysuckle the color of the year!

Wish these were my colors…I love this print!

This one is my colors but how many pillows can a girl have…don’t answer that!

This just happens to be one of my favorite Osborne and Little prints…I love it!

I saw these pillows and they are stunning.  The designer Juliana King is from Columbia.  The are collectors items for sure.

So pretty

I wanted one but it was over my $10.00 budget for the month 🙂

A whole lot of gorgeousness…..

 And my favorite was this next one….

This is the one I wanted to steal when she wasn’t looking…..

Saw these right out of the car up front.  That is when I knew it might be a good month and I could be in trouble….  Modern Root Designs

Napkins.  It kind of looked like a raw linen.

Loved the dark ones.

Kitchen towels and place mats.  Cute.

Here is one thing you will always see at Scott’s.  Old doors…all different styles and all different prices.


even more awesome

Whoa nellie…..I’m in love….

Ok…I can hardly look at these.  I am SO afraid of spiders.  Seriously I can’t even get near enough to kill one.

Um…how cool is this from Design Industry Workroom

And this…they are located in Tuscaloosa
Kind of reminded me of the ottoman I used in the nursery

Need prints???  The ones on this table are $10.00…..

Be still my heart….antique mirror table……

Who does not need a basket lamp????

Opps….I am such a bad photographer….I cut off their heads.  Ha Ha not really.  This is Julie from Milk and Honey Home and her sister.  No head shots please…..cute hippy girls 🙂

Nothing like a good smocked burlap curtain to put a smile on your face.

OMG…8 chairs….love…put them in my trunk.  Oh that’s right over my $10.00 budget.  I am still sick thinking about these.  How many DR chairs can a girl have??????

Need a skin…no problem…there’s an app for that 🙂

Note to self…find gourds…paint white????

Yep…just when you were thinking “wow, they have everything there but stuffed mountain lions” you round the corner to this thing  coming at you….and shipping available just so you know.

Ok lets talk about what I did get.  These to frame.

And these….because I need more blue books…

And from this table

I got these 3 pieces…

Not a penny over $100.00.  If I had stuck to the “pretend” budget then it would have sucked.  Good thing I knew it wasn’t real….

Oh yea…and I got to have lunch with Lou Cinda….. 🙂

Oh my God….that mauve ruffle scarf….what was I thinking.  That is going in the trash.  There is a reason that color has never come back.  My face is as large as a boulder.  Does anyone ever like their own picture?