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Scott’s in March


Mar 19, 2011
I am so dang behind with my Scott’s pictures.  I was going to post Friday, but I wanted to observe the Blogger Day of Silence for Japan.  I remember when my husband came in to my office to tell me what was happening.  It was very shocking to see some of the live footage.  

It was a blast meeting some of the bloggers this month who made the trip to Atlanta.  Kathy  and Sissy were there shopping together.  Also Emily was in town from Charlotte with her husband [who was in town for something called “basketball”].  We all met along with Angela Friday evening at JCT Kitchen for a great meal.  
They have all done post on what they saw, and it always amazes me how the experience is different for everyone!
Here were SOME of the treasures I wanted.  Oh wait…I wanted everything I saw.
Loving some orange.  You would have to put some glass on this because if you spilled something, it would go right to the rug.  Kind of like in the “old” days when the shelves in refrigerators were metal.  Yeah…that was like in the 1800’s when I got my first one.
I wanted these also…oh wait…why don’t I just paint mine orange?  Duh.
Friday night at dinner Sissy was morning these.  She almost bought them for a cool…$100 each.
Or I could paint mine blue.   Lets get to the pillows…
I could be a pillow hoarder.
They are kind of like lipstick.  If you go shopping and you are broke…you can always find $20 for a tube of lipstick.
Trina baby…you had me a orange and pink 🙂
Should have posted these on the 17th.
Barbara Berry…..come with me.
Love the pink…why don’t I have any pink in my house…I should.
Lets go from pillows to chickens….
These are the cutest ever…wait there is more.
Can I just have this in my backyard without the chickens????
So cute.
$675.00 for 6.  Come on…with old leather seats.  I am sure you would have to recover but don’t you love the style???
Why did I not buy this…It was cheap.  
I just loved this touch of green with all the neutral.  Hmmmm….easy to accomplish.
This reminds me of Celerie Kemble’s fabric for Schumacher.  One of my favorites.
Plexiglass DR table….or big desk…..please find your way to my house.
The was so much more….sigh.  What did I buy?  Some architectural  prints.  That is all…sometimes it is overwhelming to me also.  If I see something cool then I think well I would have to replace that and then sell this and then recover that….and I just can not pull the trigger.  You know how that goes.  
Or what about this concept…a plan…like I do for my clients?  
Nah…cause then I would obsess about finding the perfect thing.
Thursday I had to get a cyst removed from my back.  They gave me about 20 shots of Novocain to numb the area.  She kept saying “do you feel this?”…yes…”what about this?” a big yes.  And so on.  After a few minutes I said “I will tell you when I DON”T feel it OK….crikey  Nurse Rached…WTF.
So anyway long story short, that night it was throbbing [when the doctor spent 10 minute digging it out like she was searching for gold] so I took a pain pill and then drank a beer before bed.  I thought the beer would start quicker that the pill.  Whoa that was quite the cocktail.  I had the worst nightmares ever.  My husband woke me up about 3 times telling me to shut up.  
I think I will just let it hurt.  That was freaky.
Sun is out…off to walk the poochies.