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Scott’s + Pillows!


Aug 17, 2011
I got up early, walked my dogs, made the bed, cleaned the kitchen and came in here to do a post, thinking how clever I am to get started before 8.  As usual, I got sidetracked reading blogs, pinning, and now it is after 9:00.  Which means 10:00 is right around the corner…..and so on.   Crikey.

Why can I not manage my time better.  Maybe cause I am sitting here thinking about time management and not writing the dang post.
Pillows.  You love em.  You hate em.  They try to own you.  Let me help you hate the ones you have by showing you some you might want.
Let’s start with blue.
 I myself am very glad navy is back.
Let me just remind you what a good deal these pillows are.  $100.00 each.  With the insert.  22″.  
Love that little leopard number on the side.
As you can see from this picture there are SO many!
As I was taking pictures, 2 girls were standing there and they asked me if I was Sherry from Design Indulgence!  I wanted to say “no I am her much older sister, she couldn’t be here today so she sent me”.  I am surprised they even recognized me as when I am at Scott’s I can tend to look like a homeless person.
Love the colors in this one.
I know this is a good deal because there is a 5 yard minimum with this Galbraith & Paul fabric.
This is a beauty.
More velvet luxury.
A color that looks good with blue.
Could do a room around this one….brown and coral.
Orange, pink and burgundy.
BAM….new fabric for Kravet.
Look how good it looks with the blue and white in the corner.
Call Robin.  336 626 0886.  Or email: [email protected]
These next few are from Joan Garrett  404 316 2623.  She does NOT have email!!!!  I told her she is crazy and that she is missing a market!  She has a gazillion pillows but not so many set up with inserts in them.  I think they show so much better like that, like a baby…all fat and cushy!
I saw these buried under quite a few.
Love this fabric.
I know this fabric has been around but I still love it.
Beautiful linen.
Who doesn’t love this????  I guess if you want any of these, you will have to describe them to her 🙂
These next ones are from Sudi.  404 434 2265.  She is in the north building [same with all the others]
Oh Kelly W……
I love it with this one…
I’ll take them all!
Greek keyness…
How about these lamps!
The Lamp Shoppe on Miami Circle in Atlanta. 
So love.
Don’t get excited.  They were not cheap, but oh so pretty.
Statement piece for sure.
Close up.
I’m whipped.  Pillows wear me out.  I get overwhelmed.  I know you do too.  I can tell by reading your post.  
Be sweet to someone today.
Sha Boom