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Jun 22, 2015

It has actually been a few months since I cruised through Scott’s.  Between work and the fact that I don’t need anything [like that has actually stopped me from buying before!] sometimes I try not to go.

In all honesty I go for inspiration as much as anything you know?  

Like the finish on the antique chest….raw.

And of course pillows….

I have tried to use this Romo fabric before….so cute.

Love this Kravet stripe fabric also.

You guys know I am a pretty neutral person but if I have to pick jewel tones then I love these….where the blue is “teal” the red is “spice” and the yellow is “sunflower”.

Great textiles….

Audrey [[email protected]] always has the prettiest pillows….and she gave me some advice on growing maidenhair ferns!

Don’t water from the top….put the pot in a bigger container and put the water in the bottom of it.

Great lighting

I hate stripe chairs…..said no one ever:)

Nice bathroom vanity.

I was looking at this Amy Howard chalk paint color to maybe paint something…..someday.

I have a client who wants a vintage flag to frame….

And how hot is live edge furniture now?

There you have it.  

Instead of eating a pinecone and bugging the crap out of me….
She has been sleeping peacefully beside me this morning!  There seems to be no rhyme or reason with this girl.  Many of you gave me suggestions for her….yes I do use the Kong when I crate her.  

Also….the suggestion of getting a second dog is out of the question.  It was all I could do to talk my husband into getting one.  I do send her to doggie day care one day a week…and we have a neighbor who has a Portuguese Water Dog that she loves to play with.  

I have to keep telling myself it has only been a month since we got her.  I think she is testing me and here’s a newsflash Cami……..  

I will win:)