• Sun. Jul 18th, 2021

Last Thursday evening I took a trip to Serenbe to preview the Designer Showhouse.  I know……I’m pretty lucky.

There isn’t much I like better than a beautiful home [built by Monte Hewett and designed by J.P. Curran] with room after room designed by talented designers.  

And….I was allowed to take pictures for you guys!

I loved this feather wallpaper….

I walked around the corner to the master bedroom and came upon some black and white heaven.  Seriously….they had to call EMS to get me some oxygen.  It started with the wall fabric behind the bed from Laviva Home and fabrics from Clay McLaurin Studio
Window treatment.

Art….Clay McLaurin Studio…..kapow! Clay….I am in serious love with this.  Ser. i. ous.

The trim on the ceiling….killer.
I only got a few shots of the DR designed by Amy Morris but it was beautiful….

Moving into the kitchen designed by Ann Huff and Meg Harrington.

Awesome backsplash…..

The cabinets were designed by Bell Kitchen and Bath Studio.

Loved this floor tile in the master bathroom.  I believe it was from Porcelanosa.

This pretty bedroom was designed by Barbara Heath using more of Clay’s fabric!

Heading down to the terrace level….

Fabulous space designed by Shayelyn Woodbery.

This gorgeous bedroom was designed by Christy Dillard and Heidi Pierce.

I flipped over the tile on the bathroom floor!

If you are local then please schedule a trip down to Serenbe to see all of this for yourself [Open through October 4th] ….I promise you will not be disappointed!

Before we left that day I had my hair cut and I asked her to style it up for me since I was going out.

She got that big curling iron out and went to town.  I was amazed it was my hair!  Anyway after driving down there and walking to the house I passed by a mirror and thought “who is that?”.  Certainly not me because the person staring back at me looked like her hair was on a frizz fire.  

Yes it was just too humid out and my hair could not take it.  Got out the trusty rubber band to save the day….yes a frizzy ponytail is still better.

Hate that for me.