• Tue. Oct 12th, 2021

Since my husband has been retired he does a lot of the grocery shopping.  Of course that can be a bad thing sometimes because his love of a bargain can sway his decisions.  Like toilet paper.  For crying out loud if he comes home with single ply toilet paper….no wait it’s less that single ply….it’s like some 3rd world country stuff…..I can’t even.  I’ll boil it up for dinner.

Husbands….gotta love em.

So the other day I was searching the wide world web and came across some pictures showing a project where bloggers had put together rooms using everything Overstock!  Further research made me aware that this happened in 2017…..so pardon me while I post on this old news….

Jenny Komenda, Cassandra LaValle, Kirsten Grove, Ashley Wilson and Dabito each flexed their design muscle to plan a space and then Overstock implemented it.

The house was pretty awesome….

My favorite.

So that got me thinking…..
I took to Overstock and put together some rooms….very loosely of course:)

Using neutrals…of course:)

Using the same sofa…..

art, tree, [I love this one] rug, coffee table, light, throw, pillow, pillow, pillow

I usually go to Wayfair first or All Modern when searching….but I was quite impressed with some of the goods I discovered!

Sorry this is a little late but I had to go workout and come back and finish.  Searching and tagging all this stuff takes forever right?

Anyway….hope you can use a thing or 2.