• Thu. Sep 23rd, 2021

Both my husband and I are on a diet.  I could say we are watching what we eat but why sugar coat it.  I blame my weight gain on this.

Our friends who came to the beach with us over New Years brought two large bags…..and well any one who knows me can tell you that I love popcorn….hard.  And when you add in caramel popcorn…..there is no stopping me.  I am not sure they will be invited back…..just saying.

But back to the weight loss.  Last spring I lost 10 pounds and I was pretty cocky.  I bought all new jeans and almost…..almost threw away all my old ones.  Whew…..glad I didn’t follow through with that right!  Sometimes my age and experience comes in handy:)

Of course my husband has lost twice the weight as I have and if he goes in there to weight himself one more time…… comes running out with his hands in the air declaring his loss [like he just discovered the cure for cancer] you might hear about his beating on the 11:00 news.

I’m not playing.

Today for your viewing pleasure I have rounded up all my pillow pictures from the mart.  Feast on  these combinations!

The first group is from Ryan Studio

And when I asked them what their most popular pillow was I was shocked to learn it was this one…..
The one in the middle!  “Hands down” she said.

And of course my friend Sudi had a really good show!

She said the same thing…..the soft blues are always her biggest sellers!  I like to call it “bedroom blue”….cause everybody wants that color!

Alrighty then…..gotta get to work.

Tick tock tick tock……deadlines!