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Snow Day and a quick change!


Jan 16, 2011
Well…they said it was coming but I never really believe it.  THE snow storm.  THE one that will shut down the city.  Right.  Whatever.  I am the skeptic who doesn’t bother running to the store for bread and milk.  And you know why????  If I am stuck in my house I do not want to exist on that!  If I have a lot of bread in my house, I will just toast it, put lots of butter on it and pop it into my mouth.  My size 8 jeans will not be happy.

No worries…I have a friend who loves to cook and there is always good food in her house.  She is Mrs. Cleaver and I am Eddie Haskell always over there mooching.  For you people who do not know who Eddie Haskell is I am afraid I can’t help you.  But let me just say he was a real suckup.
ON another note….I have learned that if you want to feel good write a post about plastic surgery!!!  I felt like I got 30 comments from my Mom….saying “honey….you are pretty just the way God made you :)”
Thanks guys…..sweetness.

There were quite a few questions about the pillows in my bedroom and some nursery questions.  I thought I would just include them in this post.
The pillows on my bed first.  The 3 shams are Riad from Kravet fabrics.
The long pillow fabric I got at Lewis and Sheron Textiles as well as the  one floral pillow.  I believe it is a Robert Allen fabric.
The small pillow is from Homegoods and it has been about everywhere in my house!
The nursery:
The alphabet blocks, crib, bike, orange stuffed animal in the crib came from The Seed Factory
The baby animal prints came from The Animal Print Shop on Etsy.
I think that is it.
Baby G finally arrived 6 days late!  He weighed in at 8 1/2 lbs.  Everyone is doing great and I am sure that he will love his new digs when he can take it all in!

I took these pictures of of the hallway when I was at Mande’s house.  It is upstairs between her bedrooms.  There were upper cabinets but  they got  removed.  A little left over wallpaper from a job I did and some shelves added.  

Check it out.
Shelves from Ikea.
Paint on the bottom cabinets is Farrow and Ball: Mouses Back…the BEST color!
Her twin sisters kids!
Shelves are so much nicer than cabinets!

This picture is so weird.  That old window is actually a mirror.  The doors you see are across the hall to the laundry area.  It looks like they are behind the window huh???
On the second snow day I  went to the gym  [it is walking distance from my house so there is no excuse!]  We rounded up enough people to get a class going by the owner who is a sadist which the dictionary describes at someone who is deliberately cruel.  He was.  I was so hurting from that beating.  Still.  

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