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Some ugly mantle pictures…..


Jun 7, 2011
First of all, my furniture is being delivered tomorrow……that is the good thing.  The bad thing is that we are having a new HVAC system installed so there will be no AC in the house.  Yes…you read that right.  It will be “Guam” hot in this place.  My hair will look like “Buckwheat” and my upper lip will be sweating bad.  Needless to say “Shay Ray” will not be happy.

I was looking at some old pictures of my house, since I have not been able to blog about MY empty house lately and thought I would share some 20 year old pictures of my mantle over the years.  Now look…no snickering.  This was back when more was more.  Every surface had a bajillion things on it….especially in the south.  So it is going to be sensory overload.  Prepare….
This was my “granny smith apple” color on the walls phase.  Before flat screens it always looked like a big black hole on the bookcases.  
I rearranged the room and put the TV on the large wall where the sofa was.  Still loving the green on the walls…I remember the day I decided to paint them…….My husband was gone and he did not even notice.  He probably still thinks they are green.
Still have the same picture but changed the accessories.
About 5 years ago.  This is after I painted the walls white.  For some reason I can’t find any of when the room was chocolate brown.  Must have been really bad and I threw them away.  I used to threaten my husband with those pitchforks!
I did clean up the bookshelves and I think we had just gotten a flat screen.
Got the white slipcovers now.  Changed the urns on the bookshelves.  I am just beginning my “shell” phase 🙂
It is winter because that is when I change out the slipcovers to flax.  The mantle changes again….
Briefly this winter…..why can’t I be happy??????
Last summer…..Still have the picture.  Of course after this weekend when everything comes back…we’ll see!
Think of the time I have spent.  I could have read a ton of books…made friends…become a doctor.
So there you have it.  I’ve opened the doors so you guys step up and show me yours!
Hey, I am pretty proud that I read a book at the beach.  STiLL ALiCE by Lisa Genova.  It is about early onset Alzheimer’s.  People…. it scared me to death.  Literally when they were giving her the test to see if she had it I was taking it right along with her.  Spell “water” backwards.  I had to spell it forwards first. I am pretty freaked out about this disease.  I was driving today and just started blurting out the names of things…..my own test.
The thing is who knows if I am right or wrong????
Is that even my name????