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Jun 9, 2020

Are you starting to think I am a liar?  I said I would be back  on Sat….or at the latest Sunday and here it is Tuesday.  Either I lost my calendar or I am just losing it….

I am not making excuses but last week was a s*#t show.  I wrecked my car.  It was my fault and happened in my driveway.  Yeah….to the tune of 3500.00  I opened my car door….I have a very narrow driveway and I somehow had not yet put it in park so it started rolling but the door got stuck in the dirt….and it was a scramble trying to get it into park but of course not before I heard the sound of crunching metal.  

Then on Friday I thought I noticed that Cami was squatting more than normal and of course the first thing that came to mind…..was another UTI.  Crikey.  At 4:30 in the afternoon.

I got up and got to the vet early Sat morning to get in line [since she did not have an appt and they are only open until 1:00].  It appears I might have overreacted…they did not find anything but are sending her urine out to a lab for further testing.  Y’all I think I have PTSD after the other 3 times….I am imagining things maybe.

Anyway….Let’s get to the reason for all of these excuses….

I am going to show you the professional pictures they sent me first.

The entrance is so dreamy…..

I mean come on…..

 This is the back…

  Goodness….it is a sea of white:)  And I love it!

This was a renovation as it was the original estate of a local business man who passed.

Walking through the foyer and to the left before you enter the kitchen.  Love the stair railing!

Walking up to the second floor…

The kitchen….very cool!

The kitchen eating area above.

The keeping area off the kitchen….love the colors!

The back entry from the garage!

 The dog washing room…..

Back to the front of the house….The living room right off the foyer….

I have ton’s of pictures of this room……

And my friend Bob Browns room….showing us some color!

Some closeups of the master bath and leading into the closet!

The mens closet!

Phoebe Howard’s master bedroom was all white and cream….

Guest bedroom upstairs….

Another bedroom upstairs

Check this bedroom….I love this Schumacher wallpaper!
Such a cute girlie room right?

This cute room leads out to the amazing indoor pool!

And here are a few I took of that white living room by Amy Morris….

The whole room had venetian plaster….incredible!

Pretty cool huh?

This sofa……

Alrighty then….I have many more so I will get to those on Friday….hopefully I am not fibbing.

If you are on Instagram then you know today is the Webinar by Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles at 3:00.  I did a poll on which dress I should wear in my stories…..

Go check it out because one was the clear winner!

You can register here  it’s free.

Thanks for reading!