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Jun 19, 2020

Y’all it turns out I am lucky to be alive…..I went to the Infectious Doctor yesterday.  They think it is Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever which if goes untreated can be fatal.  They tested and I should have results next week.  It is definitely not Lyme….that test was negative.

It turns out that the ER Doc did prescribe the right meds so that was a good thing!  I am almost 5 days in on them and last night was the first night without a massive night sweat and it was the first morning without a pounding headache.

My rash has cleared up and I even walked Cami yesterday around the block.  Thats huge…..

Whew….. talk about a life interrupter…..

So I am trying to get back to work and a normal life.  I do have more pictures of the Southeastern Designer Showhouse.  It really was epic and I took tons of pictures….

I really wanted to share more pics of this spectacular bathroom….the stone work was amazing.

I was also impressed with this vanity….love the curves and also love the stain color.

A close up of the tile….so organic.

Two shower areas across from each other…..so fab.

I am going to give you a wonderful look of the main bedroom…..

Phoebe always brings it and nobody does neutrals better in my opinion.

Look at this bedding…..

The art….the layers was so pretty

The trim on the sofa….the use of dark wood.

The texture!

I know I shared the keeping area off the kitchen but I wanted to point out a few things…..

The art was hanging from the ceiling I think….and I liked it.  Plus look at the sofa…which is really a sectional that was split up.

Serious accessorizing…..which really brought the room together.

Below is the other piece of the sectional…..

Way to fill up a room….and I appreciated Melanie’s use of color….we are so accustom to seeing the same colors and these were such unexpected surprise!

Thank you for all the comments…..and prayers.  It’s true you never know when some weird thing will happen in your life.  It was just a week ago on Friday when all hell broke loose for me but with friends and good medical decisions in the ER…. I should fully recover.

Hopefully I will be back on Tuesday but blogger is acting up today [I’m sure I’m the last person who is still using this platform] and I am hoping I can figure out what is going on:(  
Nobody helps with blogger anymore either……crap! #onaisland