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Sunday afternoon


Mar 27, 2011
Well…never made it to the beach yesterday…or today.  I am DEFINITELY leaving tomorrow.  I kept trying to get it together to leave but I felt like my feet were stuck in concrete.  One excuse after another…it’s raining….I don’t feel like packing….my back hurts…..I am going to miss my dogs….and the biggest one is I DO NOT FEEL LIKE GOING DOWN THERE TO CLEAN.  

Just trying to keep it real.  But OK I am definitely leaving tomorrow morning.  I swear.
So just a few random pictures.  I went to a small showhouse last week.  Actually 2 of the three were decorated by a store.  One by Room and Board and the other by a really modern store called Cantoni.  The problem is when one store does the whole house…well you know what I am going to say.  It looks like too much of a showroom.  I LOVE modern but I like it mixed in with other styles.
The middle one was a few different designers and I found it so much more interesting.
Here are a few shots I took.
I took this because I liked the art and I thought it was interesting how they used those clips to mount it.
A closeup.  Cute huh?
Look at the top of these curtains…neat idea on hanging them.
Yes.  Me likey.  Very much.
Now I have seen the molds done a lot of different ways…but this was cool.  I have some…where the heck are they???
Close up…just using a L bracket.
OK…see this mink pillow?  What a great idea right.  Well I was talking to Angie [CL queen] and she told me that she bought 3 mink pieces on Goodwill.com for really cheap.  Of course…what was I thinking.  Pictures…
Not the flip flops 🙂
So…mink pillows will be made.  Here are a few more that she got.
and this little number.
Who wants one?????
 I saw this the other day for $25…Geez…I need a truck to drive around in.  Of course then I need a store cause I have a sofa.  But I could change it.  But then my husband might change wives.  Decisions….
Finally got the cafe curtains up for my client.  I am loving this type of window treatment right now.  We just used a very light scrim for texture.
 Ok…I have a little sneak peek of Angie’s house.  We are still accessorizing but it is starting to look really cute.
Table [painted] CL
Fabric for pillow….I found at GW .  One window panel for $5.00.  It is a very expensive heavy linen fabric.
Lamp from Scott’s.  OK maybe that was a little over her usual budget but I convinced her she needed it.
That is all you are getting 🙂
Oh yeah…I have been pretty smug about you guys talking about all the chairs you keep buying.  Inner monologue “Whew…glad I am over the chair thing.  I am happy with what I have”.  “Crazy bloggers”.  OK….never say never and what a joke….I bought 2 sets of chairs this week.  Yes you read that right.  WTF.  Change is coming I guess.
Think of me driving 5 hours by myself tomorrow.  Bored.  Eating “Cheese It’s”.   The best.  NOT cheese Nips.  Crappy.