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Sunday ramblings…..


Jan 30, 2011
First off, I have to say this…Atlanta I forgive you.  For the ice storms…the snow…a week with out mail and school [although I personally enjoyed the time I am sure some Mom’s will have a different opinion of the school closings]….slipping and falling a few times. 

 BECAUSE you surprised us with 72 degrees yesterday.  Yep…you have reminded us that we need winter to appreciate a gorgeous weekend like this so just regard all the nasty things I said and chalk it up to “snow brain”……
I should be out side pulling dead plants out of planters…cause they don’t look like this anymore
Or this
But I know that this won’t last and even if I clean them out it won’t really matter.  I will have plenty of time to do it in March!  Lord I can always find an excuse to put things off.
Part of the reason for this is to remind you that if you are at all interested in the giveaway…then you should check it out…tomorrow I do the giving…
Next is to remind you to check out Room Remix  She did a series last week on paint colors which features Janell from Isabella and Max, Emily from Emily Clark, Lauren from Pure Style Home, Maria from Color Me Happy , Erica from BluLabel Bungalow and me 🙂
This was a great series and I hope you will check it out.  Who doesn’t want to know great colors that others have tried and know to be great!
About the wallpaper….turned out great but now I feel like I need to style the room a little better.  Yes I know it makes me tired just thinking about it.  I want to be a regular person who designs a room and walks away……not the crazy lunatic that I am who keeps at it like somebody trying to bounce a square ball.  So I need a few days to fluff that room up please 🙂
And last but not least the hair.  First let me give you a little comparison here….I have been going to this place and don’t get me wrong…I like the way she cuts my hair….sometimes.  BUT….it seems like she cuts it different every time.  Cause she starts talking and I am sitting there thinking……”shut up and concentrate here babe…this is MY hair”…..And another thing the coffee is not that good and served in a paper cup.
So this new place I went…valet parking [me thinking uh oh….$$$].  Receptionist: Would you like a cup of coffee? Me: Why yes that would be lovely.  Here she comes with the little silver tray and a cute little mug and a COOKIE! [me thinking uh oh that probably cost me $20].
But I liked that she was very focused on the hair and she asked me lots of questions and played with it a bit.  Attention cost money.
Here is a geeky picture taken by photo booth….she curled it with a flat iron….????  So there I was after $115.00 vs $82.00.  I don’t know……I’ll probably go back…just because of the cookie.
My new camera came so now I have to read directions.  Not my strong point.
Happy Sunday

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