• Mon. Jul 19th, 2021

What a week…..I had great plans to get to Discover ADAC for all of the festivities but dang if work did not get in the way.  

One thing that wasn’t working for me was the humid rainy weather.

The top of my head looked like a “chia pet” and I just could not manage it. Crikey…… all of you straight hair girls just piss me off. 

Whatever….enough complaining.  I did manage to get to the opening of the Taylor Burke Showroom Wednesday night.  

I had about a glass and 1/2 of wine [thanks Jill Mckenzie] and did everything short of dancing on the ottomans.  I guess I need to get out more.

Julianne Taylor is adorable.  She had on these black shoes with pink bows on the back and I wanted them.

I took some pictures but I think my wine consumption might have caused me to regret that task as I look back.

I pulled a few from their Instagram page.

Oh heck…..we are amongst friends so here are a few snaps.

The showroom also carries accessories from Times Two Designs.

I loved hearing Lauren Renfrew’s story of how she came up with her signature lamps.


And this is news….

The showroom also carries exclusive Lacefield for Taylor Burke Home!

Hello big fat trim on the sides……

I loved this ottoman…

Don’t lie….you want it all huh?

In other news this hardware from the Matthew Quinn Collection was installed and it just made me giddy.  Can you even……?

If you live on the East coast…..better get Netflix and be prepared to binge watch something this weekend….cause Joaquin is not playing……

Guess what’s coming up next week?  It starts with an O and ends with a C.  Yup.