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Jan 31, 2020

I don’t know about where you live but my week went from Tuesday to Friday…skipping Wednesday and Thursday.  Or maybe I lived through it but it was a blurrr……Seriously!

First things first….I finished 7 seasons of Offspring [on Netflix].  I was so attached to this family that I have been kind of sad.   I felt the same way when I finished 9 seasons of Mad Men.   Crikey……

I’ve got so much to show you from the Atlanta Market and you are gonna hate me because I can’t remember where all the cool stuff I saw is from!  I will try to  tag when I can….but you guys just want inspiration anyway right?????

First up are pillows!  Because they are like the “tube of lipstick” in design….you can always buy a pillow to make you feel better:)

These are all from Ryan Studio and you can’t buy them unless you are a designer and have an account cause they keep those beauties on lock down….for realz!

They are all SO pretty though….agree?

Look at me….not a black and white one in the bunch….haha!

Saw these gems on the Antique floor….

I almost bought these but sometimes I just have to say NO!

Loved these from Sudi!

How about some art??

These green ones really got my attention!

Speaking of walls….

This graphic piece right?

And I love a barn…..

Of course I love imagination and hanging these collections sparked mine!


I bought 2 of these for over the island at the Madison project!

I fell in love with this pretty pendant from Currey and Co.

This cute pendant from Regina Andrews.

I bought both of these for the bedrooms at the Madison project!

Whoops….thought you might need a break….a little palate cleanser:) 

Hubba Hubba

Some new Lee Industries styles.  I sat in that chair and it was so comfy!

Randomness for the Antique floor….

I ordered this cute table from Currey and Co for a client….

These benches below from Currey and Co.

Checked out the Loloi rugs for the Madison project!

And I picked out these awesome prints to hang in a bathroom for a client but she couldn’t pull the trigger….whaaaaaa.

Oh well…..

On another note….Rose and I shared an Uber with this gal who is a caterer and makes 350 kinds of mac and cheese….holy smokes people

themacmomma on Instagram

Ur welcome.

I wish that stuff would just jump in my mouth right now….gah!

What has everyone got going for the weekend?  I am so behind in work that I see myself working right through it…I guess that is the payment for taking a few days off:)

If I don’t say it enough….love you guys.