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The basement project….revealed


Oct 5, 2011
I wish I could say I worked long and hard editing these pictures but the truth is….I did not.  I also wish I had spent more time taking them…..but I didn’t.  In fact after the reveal….while Jan was talking to the homeowner…I was running around taking pictures like I am in a grocery store.  All over the place…no plan just going from one isle to the next.  I think my “meds” wore off 🙂

It was a little dark so I opened the door and that didn’t really help much.  So it is what it is…..just want to show you how it came together.  Before we get to the pictures…..remember….we used some of the homeowners things to save money.  Also, I really could not remove any books from the book shelves.  I am not making excuses but I am sure that sometimes people think “why the hell is THAT in the room…..?”  Cause it HAD to be suckers!

So here she be…..all done up for the prom.

This was upstairs in the DR…..we moved it down in the entry way.

Her vintage lamp also with a new shade.

The rug I found, along with the stool.  Also…all of the pictures from yard sales and flea markets.

She loves the blue chairs by the way……

The rug was perfect.

The other blue chair…..

One side of the bookcase.  My back was killing me after pulling all of the off and organizing them.  He loves to fly fish…there were a million books on that and he loves to play poker…2 million books on that! I tried to keep the upper shelves with the more pretty things.

How lucky that I found this old oil and the old fishing basket.

The other side of the bookcases.  That is a security monitor.

I found these at the flea market.

The boxes from Homegoods…the baskets from Tuesday Morning.  The pottery and the brass piece also from flea market.

The round side tables from her living room upstairs [we are going to redo that LR anyway], The lamps and leather bench from Pottery Barn, the throw from Homegoods.  Lot’s of throw pillows for kids to use when watching movies etc.

What is with the sideway pictures….must be how I view the world…..:)

Does anybody remember when I bought these???  They are perfect for this room…..

I ordered the blue Bleeker pillows from Etsy….Schumacher had the fabric on backorder!  The price was great and they were made beautifully.

This rug came from Pottery Barn…..

This is the bathroom…although I did not have an after picture…..what the HECK was I thinking….You would think this is my first time at the rodeo.

Look at this chair that I found for 15.00!!!  Antique for sure…..

Another small vintage oil.

Are you dizzy from all the angles of the pictures????  I am.  There is actually another leather chair in the corner that I got NO shots of……I think because the homeowner and Jan were standing there talking.

The good thing is that they were thrilled…..and isn’t that why we design?????  She was great, because I did not have to get approval for any of the accessories…which saved her so much money…..

On another note….Julie and Taylor from the blog T&G Interiors did a post today on barn doors….and they used my nursery as an example….[well not MY nursery…I am way to old for all of that].  They have only been blogging since July so run over, look around and say hello!

You guys keep pushing forward  this week….it is Wednesday after all…..2 more days.

AND…..Scott’s is tomorrow!

Holy crap…I almost FORGOT to pick a winner……Mary Ann from Classic Casual Home!!!
You guys are awesome for entering…many more to come……