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Jun 14, 2019

We’ve had a break in the heat here in Atlanta and the weather has been great.  With temps in the 90’s for over 2 weeks in May….I was thinking it’s going to be a long frizzy hair summer….haha

The other day I posted a picture in Instagram thinking “I got nothing good to post today so I will just slap up a small corner of my clean house”.  You know “party clean”.  

Well geez it must have been a slow day on “the gram” cause it got quite a few likes and that got me to thinking that maybe I will do a “look for less”….or “how to recreate the look” for y’all in case anyone is interested.

You know….all 20 of you!  Hee Haw.

So here is the picture…..

It’s just a few of my favorite things…..

So let’s start with the magnolia branches.  Lucky for me they are plentiful in the south and I have 3 “little gems” in my back yard which is basically a smaller version of a magnolia tree.  If you can’t just run out in the back yard a cut branches then you can always go faux……[no judging]

Next up is my swan art which is original by Dawne Raulet.  It is one of my favorite possessions and will be under my arm when I run out the door.  In fact I want to be buried with it.

I found a few for you that won’t break the bank but still give you a good look!

Mix in some other art on the gallery wall…..Here are a few I used on my One Room Challenge from Minted!  Also just to show you…..here I took an old frame and put a vintage letter in it….be creative…frame anything.

Add some black and white books…..all found on Amazon.

To stack on top of the books a black box with gold accents.  Mine came from West Elm many years ago but I found a few for you that won’t break the bank!

I found the statues online and a few other items that I think could also work!  These are for some height.

The other side….

I got my sunburst mirror at HomeGoods many years ago and I really looked for one similar that wasn’t crazy expensive and in stock.   I was amazed to only find one…. but the other things will give you a round shape!

I found this bust at Ballard Design  I actually found mine at…..wait for it….HomeGoods.

And to finish up….

Some crystal balls.

Did I leave anything out?  Yes…. the old concrete bowl with the limestone water filtration balls.  I searched everywhere for you and I did find some on Etsy and Ebay but they were already sold.  I got mine at Scott’s and if you want some [and you aren’t local] then you will have to come here and get them!

That’s all I have for ya.  Get to work creating your own vignette.

It’s Friday y’all!

Take it up a notch this weekend…..