• Sun. Oct 17th, 2021

The Mart….part 2


Aug 1, 2011
It is impossible to show you everything that is wonderful about the Furniture Mart in one post….2 or even 3.  Like I said, it is 2 buildings, 16 floors of showrooms and more than the eye can see of things you just plain want.  I am going to try not to bore you and show the best of the best.  

By the way…how rude of me..Good Morning and I hope everyone had a swinging weekend.  Ok now lets get to it.
Gobs of green on metal stands…..
An absolutely swanky chair
To go with it’s swanky couch cousin.
Love the shape of this mirror
And…oh these lights…..
A daybed with a ticking mattress….who wouldn’t want this????
Or this….
I bet this cost some jack…..
Something you could easily make…..
Are we tired of writing on things????  Bobo.
More Bobo….Love their showroom.  
Is anything prettier than a metal planter with lavender in it????
Legacy always has the prettiest bedding.
Coco Cozy…..Met her and she could not have been nicer!
I really like her line of soft goods.
Legacy was showing a lot of pink this year…
I will take all of these pillows….
More Legacy….Orange and navy is classic
More great pillows…
They always have one of the best showrooms, packed full of things…
A new pillow line…..
Love how graphic they are….
Yup…I saw my dream coffee table…..[key word is dream].
Lots of Moroccan lights!
Lots of salvage lights.  I seriously wanted one of these….
While we are on the subject of lights….
And this one….
Love this kids art.  A large picture with plexiglass on the front of it.
Aren’t the books cute?
I have to end with pillows…you know me!
Aren’t these colors great????
So there you have it….Got a great giveaway coming up…stay tuned.  It’s Monday…don’t be sad.