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The Mart


Jan 19, 2011
Boy the blogs were all a flutter this week about the fashions on the Golden Globes.  I don’t know about you but that is the only reason I watch it and I fast forward through all the “thank you so much…blaa..blaa…my parents…blaa…blaa…I can’t believe I won….]  I always love the ones who get up there and just start babbling…that would be me for sure.  I am never prepared for that kind of stuff!!!

Anyway…on to what I saw this week at the Atlanta Market.  Thoughts….not quite as much industrial…pretty is back!  Mixing the feminine in with the industrial…lots of green, rust/orange….did not see much “honeysuckle”.
Lets start with this.   Ms. Kelley A. Neumann of Preen Furniture Design from Milwaukee, WI.  All of her furniture was recycled and recreated by her.  The fabrics were so fun and she was sweet as can be.  She showed for the first time at Highpoint.  I love that she is saving things from landfill [of course we all are now….. buying from Goodwill and thrift stores!]
Here are some pictures.

Love the pink and teal!

I bet these flipping sofas are all over Florida!  I love this style.

Another fun sofa

More “West palm Beach”…….love the pillows.

Snazzy…check out the back….

chair ju-ray…..jewelry if your educated and don’t rip apart the english language like I do 🙂
You go Kelly!

Since we are into color right now…thought these things were cute.

another style

So simple…and cute…next are the pillows

Hmmmm…lets keep going with the color.  These rugs made me drool….they sell them at ABC in NYC.  Not in my budget but oh how I would love to own one.

or even 2…

The colors were spectacular.

Seriously…you know how you walk in a store or showroom and just know you are in a little over your head….but me likey SO very much.

My sister has chairs just like this…I said get out the spray paint girl!

I saw lots of white painted furniture.

Oh my….LOVE this…

So…you can buy or you can make!

This is just a sampling….I was there 5 days and my head is spinning!  Seriously it makes Scott’s look like a small stall at a flea market!  
I have so many more pictures to upload…so I will try to get to it this week.  I feel so behind in my life right now…..overwhelmed.