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The Nicholson Gallery


Feb 3, 2011
It seems like people are always asking me for places to shop.  Hmmmm…..I think my friends know that I am a CONSUMER……I mean I shop for a living.  Which can be a good thing and a bad thing…think “one for me and one you for”….said in a real sing songy voice 🙂

When I am shopping for a client I really want to find that perfect piece…something really WOW that is a show stopper! 
One of my favorite places in Atlanta is The Nicholson Gallery on Miami Circle.  It is located right beside Eclipse De Luna which is major yummy.  You know sometimes you get weak after shopping and you need a little pick me up to keep going 🙂
Here are a few shots that I took the other day.

I love to take pictures of vignettes.  I feel like that is one of the hardest thing for people to do in their in their own homes……create a warm and cozy area with just the right amount of “stuff”….. First of all I love the art and I think the shutters go a long way in adding texture to this.

OK…you had me at blue…love this unusual coffee table.

I love these lamps…and this artist is one of my favorites.  Her name is Stephanie Wheeler I used some of her work in this bedroom.

More of her work…love the lavender bottles.

I seriously love her use of color……

The art…the lamps…the moss in the concrete planter….what’s not to like….

Fun pillows on a very traditional settee…..

This is a different artist.  Love how it is layered on top of what looks like wooden doors.

Blue gets me every time….another cool coffee table.  I would like this one please.  I am so over my coffee table that I have had for 18 years.  Yep you read that right.

I may break in there tonight and steal this one.  I might lose some weight in jail or on second thought “marge” might make me her girlfriend…yikes.

OK…how great would this be for a headboard?  More blue shutters….I can’t have enough….

So different than Stephanie’s art but beautiful.  The colors…well I am doing a room in my head around them right now.  What else is new.

Great marble table…and the large lamp.  I am a fan of large lighting…..

Back to Stephanie.  Shivers……

I think that one great piece of art in a room is important.  And I am not saying it has to be original..I am not a snob.  But sometimes big is better so the eye can rest.

Crikey…more shutters and art.  I’m on a roll.  Cool lamps and nice bench.

OK…my look for less….Overstock Becca Chair is $210.00.  Great desk chair and Dr chair.  I have ordered it and it comes fully assembled.  The fabric is nice also.

Here is the Restoration Hardware one:

It is about $350.00.  It is an inch taller which is nice but maybe not $150.00 nice.
So…..if you get 4 you save $600.00!!!!!  Seriously…that is quite the savings here don’t you think????

And here is a little tip.  All of my friends know that I make the best salads.  Heck…I have been eating them forever….cause I have always watched my weight.  Damn genetics.  Anyway  swear it is the dressing.  So I am going to tell you the easiest and best dressing ever.  Good Seasons Italian…oh yeah I know what you are thinking…..but wait.  Put a half of tsp of sugar in it…..kind of cuts the part that makes you eye twitch a little and then add…….a squirt [very important to use the exact amount] of Boar’s Head Pepperhouse Gourmaise.  Try it.

Last tip of the week….if you live in Atlanta.  Gail K. Fabrics on Cheshire Road.  Just go…you will see.  They have more than a million bolts of fabric and more buttons and trim that you can shake a stick at.  Yes it is a fabric store for fashion but there is so much there that can be used for home dec.  Like I used some great mens suit fabric for curtains…..get the picture.

So you have gotten some eye candy, look for less with a great chair and a secret haunt for designers…..life is good huh?

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