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The sun is out and life is good!


Apr 1, 2011
After about 5 days of cloudy rainy weather…we were blessed with a blue sky today.  It wasn’t exactly warm…well compared to Michigan is was so I guess I better shut up about the temperature. 

I am going to introduce you to some really beautiful things today from one of my favorite stores in Atlanta. Belvedere.  Founded by Julia-Carr Bayler 11 years ago, Belvedere has been featured in Elle Decor, House Beautiful, Domino, Southern Accents and Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles.  It is a design source with an emphasis on elegant mid-20th century furniture and decor.
Honestly there is not one thing in the store I would not have in my home.  Period.  Julia’s vision for a piece can not be matched.  Here are some of what you will see if you go.

This might be just a chair but the fabric is crazy good.

Close up.  The colors….

Love the style of this chair.

Please…I want.

You likey?

Now I realize that mid century is not for everybody.  But just like modern or traditional you can always mix a little in a room for that eclectic look.

I love how she changed the knobs on this chest.

Don’t you love these accessories?  I know the Zhush would love the little bowl in the left hand corner 🙂

I love this light fixture.

Silver leafed cabinet….how beautiful.

More pretties…..


More silver leaf.

Don’t cha love?  Seriously.  I love her choice of colors.

I want this in my LR.

So elegant.  Hollywood.
Here comes my coffee table.  Well not mine but I want to be mine.  So badly.

If I didn’t have new windows and siding to buy.  Crikey I hate buying those kind of things.  Picture me stomping my foot and pouting.

Honestly…look at the closeup of this cabinet in the next picture.

Gold leafed.

Come on…you know you love it.

More accessories.

Just another vignette with a beautiful screen.

You must go take a look.  It will not disappoint and it is all so much more beautiful in person.  Pictures on a cloudy day do not do it justice.  I had so many more pictures but I didn’t want it to feel like I was trying to cram it down your throat.  Marinate on it a little…keep an open mind and just picture a few pieces sprinkled in a room.  Maybe your room????

A word about my wallpaper in the previously post.  From some of the suggestions I got, I am going to entertain painting the beadboard and changing the shower curtain.  Then if I still am not happy….well we will just cross that bridge…..cause you and I know that I probably can’t decide on a new paper anyway.  Who am I kidding.

Weekends are for fun!  Have some.

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