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Aug 13, 2019

Well you can just FF through this post because it is mostly about family…..we will return to design on Friday:)

It was “wedding weekend”….. finally……and now it’s already over.  

4 events…..4 outfits….all with a cold.  Damn I just could not believe I got sick.  AND…..on top of that I had no help as my husband has a torn meniscus so he is pretty much cripple.  That’s a whole other story…..

Doing some flowers for all 4 events just about killed me.  Packing and un-packing the car on the hottest weekend we have had all summer….but….I was happy to help in a small way.

The wedding was at King Plow Arts Center and I have to say they did an amazing job…..I know my niece was thrilled with everything.  

If you don’t think social media is important today….she found her photographer, makeup artist and wedding co-ordinator on Instagram…..

I might be bias but isn’t she beautiful!

I loved her dress so much….very simple and I compare it to Carolyn Bessette’s.

Father of the bride!

The flowers…..

My sister and her daughter…..

My nephew officiated and he did a great job!


They live in NYC.  She works for Knoll and he is a graphic artist.  He is definitely the creative!

Below is the welcome table that I got there early to do….although I was late because I had to go go by the hotel and get the silver trays that MY SISTER FORGOT!  Yes and….. they were supposed to be at the front desk but they weren’t.

So I had to go completely “aunt of the bride” on them….speaking through clenched teeth and all.

I was so hurried [we had about 15 minutes]…. that I forgot to put on my jewelry…..

My baby sister and me.  I made appointments for us at Nordstroms to have our makeup done!

And even though I hate posting pictures of me here is the dress with the rose gold shoes which were so comfortable! 

Did you know that wedding cakes aren’t a thing anymore?  My sister insisted though…..

First dance….

The head table…..

And of course the disco ball…..

Cutting the cake….

The after wedding brunch was at my house….

I loved that she came dressed with a beret on ready for the honeymoon in Nice,  France….

Cami got to come to the party….haha.  Big baby….

Thanks for reading guys….the best thing about having a blog is getting to document all these events in my life….