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The winner…and some good grub!


Feb 1, 2011
OK…so I was supposed to pick a winner yesterday but time got away from me.  I actually did pick but am just now getting it out there.  The beautiful and talented Emily Clark has won the fabric and the calendar!  She has just posted her newly redesigned eating area so you need to scoot over there and check it out!

By the way…the beautiful 70 degree weather we had last weekend up and left.  Pretty quickly I might add.  I feel like a drug addict who has gone back to using…..dreary, cold and rainy for the last two days.
Got my camera in the mail…and I am signing up for Photoshop classes.  Just another thing to learn….When you get older I feel like my brain is full.  For me to learn something new I have to let go of something….hope it isn’t anything like how to apply lipstick and more like an episode of RHOA…..
Here is a quick sneak peak of the wallpaper:

Just have to put the room back together now…..
The last thing is a  great new restaurant I went to [in Atlanta] the other day called Local Three  It was so good!  I took pictures of the decor and the food.
Love the dark walls and the art
These Bobo light fixtures
This whole wall of recycled wood and shutters.
Really cool…..
Here is the food we got…a steak salad….

 Lobster roll…check out the fries cause they were delish!  Don’t they look crunchy?

And I got this
Slap yo mama good…slap somebodies mama…..chicken pot pie.  Yeah I know it was pretty fattening and I ate most of it but I was just WANTING some comfort food.  I only consumed half and ate the rest for dinner.
But here is the best piece of art in there…..you are gonna die….
A velvet painting of Elvis….swear!  Oh yeah, I am not kidding.  I think there were like 3 of them.
Hope to get back to some decor soon…..This is not going to be a restaurant and bad art blog 🙂