• Thu. Jul 22nd, 2021

Well…..here we are again….and I am getting tired of people saying “when can we get back to normal”.  Dang people….

Normal is not static.  

But y’all…… I really miss my friends and family.  It feels weird to be alone during this time in the world.  I spoke to my sister yesterday and she has to drop my BIL off at the hospital on May 1st for his surgery.  She can’t be with him.  He will be there for about 8 days.  How freaking hard will that be.

Just so much hardship everywhere and I get it.  Times are tough for everyone.

I don’t have much today.  But you know what?  I am just going to show up and share a few snippets of my life:)

Rose needed a head shot so I called my friend Tina Rowden and since there is a pretty wildlife preserve  behind her house we decided that would be a safe place to do it.  Look at her cute dog! 

We were discussing positions and she snapped this shot of me…..and we decided that there is joy back in my face:)

I ordered this pretty leather sample to put on this Charles Stewart ottoman for the farm….

I was in Target and got a glimpse of this new line that arrived!

OK….I told you.  My obsession is growing.

But look at this pretty house I saw on my walk.

I had a chair delivered to Madison and I love how my delivery guy draped the throw…..haha

This wallpaper at the farm is hard to photograph but it really looks good!

The light was pretty in my kitchen yesterday and it happened to be clean…..

That Grohe faucet is still my fav!

These Charles Stewart diners [covered in Schumacher fabric] were also delivered to Madison and I am in love!

I got nuthin else.  I promise I will be more prepared next week!

I hope you are all hanging in there.  I know it’s tough.  And …..of course every time I put that dang mask on I practically suffocate:)

I need  want botox
I need  want to get my hair done
I need want to go out to dinner


I love all of your support.