• Sat. Jul 24th, 2021



Jan 25, 2019

I’m not sure if anyone is reading blogs anymore….but they sure as heck are addicted to Instagram….because it’s where all the beautiful people live….hahaha

Look….I’m guilty also.  Trying to put my best foot forward lest someone thinks my house is dirty or that I leave the house NOT dressed in my #OOTD [outfit of the day] right?

BUT…..I do like Insta for the pretty pictures and today I will share a couple of people that I follow to gather inspiration….could it be better than Pinterest? Maybe…..

Let’s start with Lisa and Wayne Woods.  Found on Instagram here

I saw this image and about choked on my coffee.

This tile!  Well….I love the whole bathroom!

They rehab houses in Phoenix….this little gem is an Air bnb and I want to go out there just to stay here!

In love with this kitchen…..

This bathroom…..yes please

And…they are moving to Ohio so I expect to see some great renovations happening there….

OK….next is Emily Vanderputten [on Instagram] who is a One Room Challenge pal!

She has started hand blocking fabrics and that is a weakness of mine:)  I pulled these images from Instagram.

I mean these patterns…..

Are you smitten?

And last is another One Room Challenge pal….
Stephanie Kraus.  I love her aesthetic….girl can do color or neutrals.

So I saw this recent project on Instagram and fell hard!

And this kitchen

All black and white goodness.

Then there is this project that had me dribbling wine down my chin….

Do we love her?  Find her whole portfolio here

This is just three out of over 1600 that I follow and I can tell you I find so much inspiration out there.

What are your thoughts?  Do you find more on Pinterest or Instagram?

In other news we have booked our trip to Morocco for the end of February and I’m scared.  Mama does not like to break her routine and a long plane ride over the pond isn’t really my cup of tea so look forward to lot’s of complaining in the coming weeks….