• Fri. Oct 15th, 2021

I have written about using trim on curtains and pillows before….so this is old news.  In fact since Pinterest, Houzz, and blogs is there anything I can tell you that you don’t know?

Probably not so humor me.

 I can share with you some new ones that I saw the other day at ADAC.

Stout Brothers has some reasonably priced trims that are carried at many fabric stores.  I was mainly looking at flat braids so that is what you are going to get:)

 This style is one of my favorites….

Of course I am always using these colors….

So then I looked for some new examples and that turned out to be a timely job….just trying to find sources!  Geez.  I love ya but “ain’t nobody got time for that”….:)
Here are the ones I found before I gave up and stomped off.

Greek key trim on a solid pillow

Sherry Hart Designs
On this one I brought in some small black pleated trim using a box style.
Sherry Hart Designs
More greek key and some ribbon trim.
Parker Kennedy Living
If it looks like all I am showing is greek key you are almost right:)
 Parker Kennedy Living
Love the detail on this box style pillow at the corners.
Mrs. Howard
More box style with braid and flat braided trim.  
Samuel and Sons
Pretty monogram framed with a double greek key.
Mrs. Howard
OK…so maybe this is the best example yet of the trims I showed you today!
Ivy Lane
One of my favorite pillow lines Lacefield Designs uses a lot of trims to define their pillows
I did find a pretty picture of some curtain trim…I love how delicate this is….

Things are progressing along with Cami.  I have weaned her off all drugs except for the Paxil [ my vet is going to help me with that].

I have been exercising her with 2-3 walks a day up to 3.5 miles!  She went to Dog Days for day care and did great.  Remember she has not been around any other dogs at all!

We decided to take her to the Piedmont Dog Park on Sunday….here is how that went.

Yup…the minute we got out of the car it started sprinkling but we weren’t deterred….let’s carry on.

We took cover and waiting 30 minutes for the rain to stop!  Because we did not believe the radar.

After…… we made it to the dog park.

Ha Ha…..here we are in the mud pit and NO dogs! Duh…..most sensible people left.

Alrighty then…..Trim and dogs.  That is a good combination right?