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Update and giveaway….


May 12, 2011
OK….this little DW leak is taking things to a whole new level.  I am serious…what they are going through to get these floors up will make your eyes roll back in your head.  First you have a concrete slab, then subfloor nailed down, and then hardwoods glued down with something that screams “this shit is not coming up”.

For real.  Here is what they have gotten up in 2 hours…
Yep.  And we are talking 600 sq feet more.  It is safe to say they need to bring in a crew cause at this rate it might take them a month to JUST get the floors up.
See that little scraper he is working with….yeah the one that looks like it is about an inch wide….uh huh….go home honey.  You are totally wasting your time.
The did manage to get the granite off without breakage…..sad.
ON another note, I got my paint sample in the mail yesterday.  I couldn’t slap some on a piece of wood fast enough.
For those of you late to this party, I ordered some Annie Sloan chalk paint.  For white floors.  Am I excited???  Yes…am I scared?  Yes.  I mean there is no going back.  They will be white until the city dump comes to get my body out of this house.  When would I ever move everything out again????
Never!  I guess if they get worn in spots….that’s OK right?  Because you guys know I have 2 VERY large dogs with feet that have nails. Should I go for it?  I know…easy for you to say yes.  White floors all over blogland…so pretty.  Just like white slipcovers and I am here to tell you they are NOT EASY.
OK…I need some cheese to go with my wine!  I am shutting up.
Here are the May goods.  Summer.  Nautical.
3 prints from bexpert on Etsy.
2 pillow covers.  They were samples that I picked up at the mart the other day.  The have openings in the back for the inserts.
Fabric….about 2 yards each….and
Just cause it matches…one of my favorite candles from Anthro!
So….this could be the start of this look for someone.

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And can you believe it….Scott’s is this weekend!