• Mon. Sep 27th, 2021

Boy did I feel all of your love and support after my post.  You know…..sometimes it is hard to know what to share…or how much to share but if I can help someone who is having the same feelings I am then it’s worth it….

You know how social media is….we try to make it seem like we are “all that” and life is perfect….but really it’s just smoke and mirrors because we know that life can be messy for everyone on occasion right?

So now you know the real truth…..and that’s OK with me:)  You are my warriors.

I have mentioned before that I am working on a spec house with man genius Michael Ladisic and the team over at Linda MacAuthur Architects.  It’s pretty awesome as Matthew Quinn is doing the kitchen.  The team is back together!  I could not be more excited to be working with all of them…..

Here are some pictures of what is going on!

This is the playroom or office or workout room….whatever your heard desires!

Added some nice trim to this wall…..
The playroom bathroom….I fell in love with this plaid tile.  So fun.

The shower floors

My inspiration board….

The vanity that is being built.  This one is by Native Trails but Michael has his own cabinet company….

Below you can see the vanity sample….

Below is the master bathroom tile….

And this is the trim going in where the MBR tub will be….

My inspiration…..

The vanity will be white oak and this light stain.

Ceiling in the master bedroom….

Another bathroom…..

The vanity will be a dark stain which I am a little giddy about….

In this bathroom…..the patterned tile goes up the wall behind the vanity!

The upstairs laundry room…..

This is the bar area that opens up to the pool….those white concrete tiles….I die.

This is the scullery and that door opens into a pantry….

I love the trim detail on this entry to the kitchen/family room

Stairs in the foyer…..stunning!

Gonna be lots of good detail in this area….the kitchen is going in now.

 Selecting the hardware from MQC.

The tile is going in the pool…..

Deciding on a paint color…..

Working on spec homes…it is hard to know how neutral to keep things.  You are trying to appeal to a large audience because the goal is to sell the house right?  In my opinion you want the kitchen/master bedroom and bath to be a more neutral palette and then you can have a little fun with secondary spaces.  Somebody come buy this house so I can decorate it:)

I should have updated pictures soon as because it is full steam ahead to get this one on the market in the next month or so!

I’m pretty glad it is Friday….such a challenging week for me but you know what?  

I made it.  

One step at a time….one day at a time…..one week at a time.