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Jan 23, 2011
I do have one more post from the mart but I wanted to get this little giveaway in before February.  Why you ask…well February will be my one year “blogging anniversary ” so I have to knock it out of the park on that giveaway!!!  I am thinking up lots of great ideas.  I’d like to giveaway my ass because I have extra and why not share 🙂

Hopefully somebody out there has this color scheme….cause these are great fabrics.
Sorry for the wrinkled look….they have been folded up and I am lazy.  The floral [1 yard] is a Lee Jofa linen, and the plaid [1/2 yd] is Brunschwig and Fils.  The script fabric [1 1/2 yd] came from Lewis Textiles. where you could purchase more if you needed.  The calendar is from West Elm which you could frame individually and has the colors of the fabrics in them.
Here are some closer views
So there you have it.  I know they would have looked better all ironed but if I am going to iron anything… then I am going to go pick something out of my pile to benefit me.  Once again…a purely selfish thought.  Now if you want to be in the drawing you can (a).  shave your head and send me a picture [lets start a movement] or (b). just become a follower.  Your choice.  Picking a winner on January 31st.
Seriously though somebody could make some great pillows for spring…on a porch maybe….
And a shout out to some giveaways I have won recently.  A gift certificate to Art.com from ajphotostylist which belongs to Annette Joseph a fabulous stylist whom I have personally worked with.  She makes rooms sing!!!
And Rene from Cottage and Vine emailed me that I had won a gift certificate  from Novica.com so I am hooked up!!!
Hope everyone is having a relaxing Sunday.  My husband will be watching Football and seriously he will be emerged to the point that I could start knocking down a wall and he would not notice, or lets just say I walked in with George Clooney and said we were going to discuss a few things in the bedroom…he would probably just grunt! 
Things to look forward to for you….more mart….pictures of the house with the turquoise doors…remember?…well it is awesome, and a few small projects around the house.   Things for me to look forward to is getting my hair cut by someone new on Tuesday.  Could go either way on that one….