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We interupt all this design talk for something important


Jul 27, 2011
I know that we all….or maybe me more ūüôā rag on our husbands a little WHEN they think we are studying the design of our house like a quarterback learning plays for the Superbowl….just saying.

But today I am only going to say good things…..It is our wedding anniversary. ¬†Normally there is a card and a couple of smooches….but this time we decided we needed a little romance added to it. ¬†Totally out of character ¬† for us we booked a night at the Ritz Carleton at Reynolds Plantation. ¬†Oh yeah baby…..
Located about 75 miles from Atlanta on Lake Oconee.
A view from our room. 
Just to give you a little history…..we eloped. ¬†Yep, to Ringold , Georgia. ¬†Where you can go to the courthouse and get the blood work and paperwork done and then go across the street to get hitched.
Today I am going to share a picture of our lovely wedding….which I do not think anyone has ever seen. I do remember that we took $100.00 from the ATM that day. ¬†It was $20.00 for all the legal documents and another $20.00 for the minister. ¬†Great…$60.00 left for a celebratory lunch right????
Well, we walked across the street and they have to go into the back room to wake up [I really mean wrassle him out of a drunk stupor] the minister. ¬†And here he cum……yep…stumbling out.
My thoughts…Deliverance???
He positioned us on a wall under some painted ivy….I know you want to scroll down to see right now…but seriously savor this moment….
Then….he opened his mouth and I noticed he had no teeth. ¬†Oh boy……
But…he managed to “gum” his way through all the necessary questions….”Sherry…. do you love David”……um dude…that is why we are here today. ¬†I don’t know if you have noticed but this here ain’t a shotgun wedding.
So here is the proof…..
Yep…and that picture was an extra $10.00. ¬†We are down to $50.00.
We get outside and I am thinking….great let’s celebrate. ¬†And this answer is why I love my man so much. ¬†David asked me earlier if he should tip him and I said that it might be a good idea. ¬†I say “let’s go back to Atlanta and have a nice lunch”. ¬†He said…well…there is no money left. ¬†WHAT????? ¬†I gave him the rest so he could put it towards his “get some teeth fund”. ¬† Honey…he is just going to get another couple of bottles of rum…he is way past teeth….
Seriously though…I love my husband dearly…..he is my rock. ¬†He doesn’t watch reality shows…but if you need to know how a refrigerator works or any answer to any question…he is your man.
I am so glad he loves me. ¬†Big hair and all as you are about to see…..
I was trying to embrace the curl here…..
Holy crap…even bigger…if that is possible. ¬†It is like it needs it’s own state.
Lightened up on the makeup and decided that if I was going to live in Georgia that ponytails were going to have to work for me.
Another curly day ūüôā
Hat’s are always good for a little taming….
I think I discovered flat irons thankfully…..
Don’t you love a man in a uniform????
I inherited these 2 wonderful people in the deal….I could not be more blessed.
OK…and here is the real reason….even though I am on a boat and SICK as a dog….I had just lowered myself down to pee [cause I was WAY to sick to even walk below] in fact I was too sick to even pull up my pants….he still loves me.
And…look at that hair people!
So here we are 18 years later….still in love…….
I am one lucky gal…..
Happy Anniversary honey…
Sha booyah!

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