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West Elm Love


Jun 17, 2011
It’s Friday.  Can I get a whoop whoop.  I am slowly digging out from under the rubble of my “stuff”…. which I have way too much of.  Seriously like a hoarder but with better things and no dead animals.  I am not sure if I mentioned it but we had to get a new HVAC system last week.  This home was build in 1946 and when we renovated we left the old one in the basement and had another system put in the attic for the new part of the house.  Well…dang after 45 years the old one was refusing to work and ask to be retired.  So….long story short, we just took out all the systems  and put one mac daddy in the attic [which by the way is HUGE and looks like something from outer space].  

Where am I going with this you ask?  Cause I know you do not give a rat’s ass about HVAC systems.  Well now it now leaves an area in the basement as big as Texas [maybe not that big but to a semi-hoarder it does] so I can stash more STUFF!  But I have to be very sneaky about filling it up or else this might be my last post if you get my drift.  Kind of like Joan Crawford when she shouted “no more wire hangers” in the movie “Mommie Dearest”.  Only insert “stuff” for hangers.  And say it loud with a deep voice and with veins popping out in the forehead.
I had to go to Ikea yesterday to get some white frames and I thought I would swing by West Elm for a quick looky.  Yum…glad I did.  Just to remind you of some of their great stuff I took some pics.
Honestly their bedding is to die.
Seriously….you know you want.
Why do I always go for the pillows…..the shoes of design!
Love this color with gray.
Yep…almost went in my bag.
Hello you cool as hell desk!
Yes you!  The top…..
Stop kidding me….for real?
Beautiful white vases…..I had to refrain from kissing each and everyone of these.
More whiteness….
More grayness…..
Get yourself some of these
And these….
Tufted cuteness.  Great at the foot of a bed, or in a foyer.  Not mine, as it is the size of a stamp.
Black and white for the bath.
On sale….put them in your beach house.  Or your dream beach house.
Anthro is gonna be pissed……
This is their first kitchen line and they have some great things.
These would be cute with herbs planted in them on the kitchen windowsill you think?
Lots of colors.
Summer dining.
I know you are thinking why this picture….well when I was young [back before cars] and I had my first apartment this was the only plant I could grow.  Everyone had them….kind of like the fig tree now.  The nickname is “mother in law tongue”.  Why you ask?  Cause they were so sharp 🙂  Hee Haw.  But here is the good thing….you CAN NOT kill them.  They can go forever with no water, seriously like a year or something.  I was so shocked to see them here.  
I took a few shots of my floors for you.  I am trying to wait until I have a good one with everything back in it’s place.  Ha!  That’s kind of funny because really nothing has a permanent place around here.  It feels like a Gap store where they get new merchandise in every 2 weeks and change up everything.
This is my guest room.  Got that little vase at Scott’s for $5.
You can see how some of the grain shows through.  Messy bed.
More white….pretty much everything!
Kitchen.  Love this indoor outdoor rug!  Just take it out back and hose it off when it gets dirty.  Dash and Albert.  Check them out.
More when I get organized in 2014.  Can you wait that long?
I will be working on it this weekend.
By the way I am on sale now.  Yep…on the ipad it is only 99 cents to download the BH&G May issue and you can see the video of me shopping at Scott’s.