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What a weekend!


Mar 13, 2011
I know it isn’t over but, I have met so many new people this weekend my head is spinning. I think I need an app where you take a picture of someone and it finds all of their info, along with mention of where and how you know them.  Anyone…come on could be the next greatest thing.  They would make a movie about you [think Social Network]…..you would move to LA and be Windsor Smith or Kelly Wearstler’s neighbor.  Think of all the good things you would have to blog about.  Or whatever.  You probably wouldn’t blog…just tweet about things all the time like Charlie Sheen.  I think his brain is spinning at such a velocity it makes NORMAL people seem like they are stuck in cement.

Whew…where did that come from.  More about the weekend in my next post.  Here are some more pictures of the job I posted about a few days ago [the design board].
These are from the basement that was refinished to become the media room, poker room, fly fishing room. Think ultimate man cave.

This space was raw as you can see.  Scary.

Here are some pictures after the build out.
Same wall with planks added.

 After paint and wallpaper  [although you really can’t see the paper]  This is where the poker table will be.

Here is a close up.

The paint color is BM Texas Leather.  The trim, ceiling and other walls is BM 966 Natural Linen.

These are the stairs leading down to the basement.

After painting.

This the the room for displaying all of his fly fishing gear.

OK…I know this part is not really that exciting….

This will be the media area.

Still have to get the panels for inside the doors.

The bar area….check out this granite.  I know…I am over granite also but I like this one.  Here is a closeup.

Do you like it???
There is also a bathroom and small bedroom.


So here is my design board for the main living area.  I know that is all ya’ll care about. You had to look at all the other boring pictures to get to this.

 Can’t wait to get started on this one.  It just looks like another boring room without all the pretty stuff in there.  I am also SO excited that I figured out how to label these things.  When I am alone in my office struggling with these issues, and I finally get it,  I want to stand on my desk chair like King Kong and beat my chest. Visual….silly me.

We have a beautiful Sunday waiting for us here in Atlanta.  Just went to teach my 9 AM spin class and only one showed up.  Can’t just teach one person…too weird. They forgot to turn forward their clocks.  They are going to be pissed when they figure it out.