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Aug 5, 2011
Whoop Whoop…it is FRIDAY!  I think it came fast this week.  I had to put together a presentation for a commercial job [bank], and can I tell you how hard that was???  I mean there are NO pillows in a bank.  Just a crapload of “solidly” [translation: boring] type fabrics and lamps.  I did pitch some pretty artwork, but I was dyeing to put some pillows in there [well maybe I did sneak one in a lobby].  Perhaps they won’t really use it but it made the presentation look so much better 🙂

Got a little sneak peek of a few things I have been batting around in my house.  Batting…think kitty playing with a little toy.  They are always ever so gentle when they do it huh?  Sometimes they do a summersault in the middle…I do the same thing when I think I might have it right.  I make a lot more noise, and it certainly is not as graceful.  Visual…..
Geez…see how a little word like batting can get me off course.
Had these shutters.  They have been everywhere but I am thinking they are permanent now.  Since I actually made HOLES in my freshly painted walls…..is that hard for anyone else?  This is actually the first thing you see when you walk through my front door.
Directly across from this…..look how I am recycling a post….I am clever like that.  Which by the way…I already changed out the pillow.  Cut the crap…you should suspect that behavior.

 Also….changed out the chairs…..before…..[these are my DR chairs].
 To these…for now anyway…at least for the week 🙂
Kind of modern…..
Ha!  Lets count the different styles here….um….modern, beachy [lanterns], retro [sconces], frenchy [the pictures and the white iron container], kind of shabby chic with the burlap….and Ikat.  My head is spinning.  Oh well…who am I kidding….I’ll probably change it all again soon.  Just playing with shit 🙂  Fun.
Love the planter that I got at Scott’s.
Just leaned these in a corner of the dining room.
New pillows on the sofa…..

Which gives me some more color from the shutters.
And a tiny bit of color with the beads from Scott’s.

OK…that is enough about me.  Gotta go make my bed.  Don’t forget about the giveaway……it’s a doozy.
And if you need some good reading this weekend House of Fifty just came out!!!  There are some great articles to read from many bloggers that you know.  Janell has done a wonderful job of including something for everyone.

I absolutely could not love the colors in this cover shot any more.  Except if they were mine of course.