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Jun 16, 2020

Y’all….I am just popping in to tell you what happened to me.

Last Sunday I started feeling very tired…and I had some chills.  I ignored it.  But come Monday same thing and it seemed to come and go.  I assumed it was Covid.  On Thursday I went to get tested and they said I would have the results in 2-4 days.

Thursday night was pretty bad….low grade fever…chills, headache and bad night sweats….

I woke up Friday morning and was very weak.  I let Cami out and then headed to get her food which is 25 steps away.  That is the last thing I remember as I woke up on the floor….I passed out and was vomiting.  I didn’t even know where I was.  It took me 2 hours to crawl back to my bedroom which is about 30 steps away [all one floor].  Y’all I was so sick…my whole body ached.

I had a horrible headache.  I was convinced that it was Covid although I had no chest congestion at all.  I had some neighbors walking Cami.  I could barely walk.

The nights were the worst.  The headache was killing me and I felt like I was hallucinating.  I thought I saw Cami through my door standing in the family room barking. I had nightmares and I woke up completely soaked every morning.  Finally on Sunday afternoon my friend showed up to take me to the ER.

You guys….I have never been to a hospital except to visit people.  I was so frightened…..and no one can come in with you.

They started all kinds of testing.  They retested for Covid [negative].  After about 3 hours of testing my friend texted me a reminder to tell them about the Tick bite on June 1st.  Y’all….I think that was it.  It was a Lone Star Tick which is very common in the south.

They did also perform a test for Lyme also but have not gotten those results back.

I was released around 6 pm on Sunday night with a prescription.  I’m still very weak.  I can barely walk….the bottom of my feet hurt and I am still having bad night sweats. The headaches are brutal.

I am hoping that by tomorrow after 48 hours on the meds maybe I will have some clarity.  I was also told to see an Infectious Diseases doctor.

So that is why I disappeared.  I hope to be back soon….it took all my energy to pull this together.

Thanks y’all.

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