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Where the heck did this week go????


Aug 11, 2011
I seriously can not believe it is Thursday.  I was just complaining it was Monday.  Scott’s is in town this weekend.  Whoop Whoop.

While I was at the mart in July I saw a new lighting collection [well new to me anyway].  
Ro Sham Beaux is headed by owner and designer Ann Yancy Rogers.  I really thought her lighting was different and fresh. They are based in Charleston, and try to utilize sustainable materials whenever possible.
Here are a few of their styles, some I took at the show and some I took off the website.
Let’s start with my favorite.
I adore these….
Here is the picture from the website.
Do you love like I do???
Love the twine with the beads….
Nice floor lamp.
Gold colored rope…love!
I really like the organic look of her lighting.
The shade is great on this one.
Another pretty.
Yes…pretty please.  Over an island in a kitchen?
Or this one over the island….
Uh huh….
Nice wall sconce.
There are a ton more on the website so drop everything and go look.  Priorities.
Speaking of urgent things….I told you that I changed something.  On my last post I showed you my modern chairs.  Well…I don’t want to make this post as long as War and Peace but a series of events that went something like this….
Conversation with a friend.
Friend comes over to see chairs.
Friend has similar chairs only taller and brass.
I need taller cause one of my comments said exactly that….and by God if someone tells me to jump off a bridge I jumping.
I agreed.
Oh yeah and similar chairs just happen to be bright pink.  
Blaa…blaa….let’s trade….blaa….blaa…..chairs go into the car.
Deal done.
Sneaky peek….
Total craziness for me.  Not one piece of furniture in my house is upholstered in anything but white, gray, or brown.  What next locust…floods….the ark.
I’m  taking chances people.
Picking a winner for the giveaway tonight….off to Scott’s.