• Thu. Sep 23rd, 2021
It’s Thursday and you know what that means…..tomorrow is Friday…ha ha.  No seriously I have picked a winner for the spring giveaway and it is Sally from J’Adore Decor.  Sally is a Brit and a Navy wife.  They live in Virginia Beach with a “beautiful” toddler 🙂  She says she is an ordinary gal obsessed with interior design.  I say there is nothing ordinary about that….welcome to the “masses”….!

Thank you all so much for the wonderful comments about my article in BH&G.  Truly I am just a regular person living in America who got lucky.  I am not schooled in design…..but I am passionate about it, maybe to the point of nausea for some of my friends.  Sometimes when I am with them, I wait for all the boring conversation to be over and then I pounce on an opening to talk about design.  It can be something as simple as “I walked into my house…..and I am interrupting with “Oh house…let me tell you about something I did in mine :)”  Blaa…Blaa…Blaa…..on I go.  They tolerate me because sometimes they need me to help them WITH their house….so they are stuck.
Anyway…what I am trying to say is their are SO many talented people out there.  Really.  Stay true to your self…your style and work on any avenue that can lead you to your goal.  Whether it is to be published or make a lot of money…..I am still waiting for that part 🙂
Since I can not do a post without pictures…here are a few from a flea market I was at yesterday.  Some things I am going back for today…I am obsessing….whoa there’s a news flash for ya….
Stackable…and painted….what’s not to love?
In a bathroom to hang towels on.
Can NOT go wrong with a sign.
Come on…you know you can do a whole room around this!
I thought this was going to be my new DR chandelier but I want glass and it was acrylic.
Cute…not old but cheap…that works for me.
Vintage artwork…what’s not to love here…
This I might be getting……
More vintage art….
This I am getting and if you get there before me and buy it…I will come after you.
Along with this….serious love.
I loved this one also……
I sincerely hope everyone has a blessed Easter and is able to spend it with family or good friends…..
** Oh yea…the flea market is Kudzu Antiques in Decatur..whoops I conveniently forgot to include that small bit of info 🙂  You need to go cause there is some good stuff there….like we need more stuff 🙂