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You can never have enough…or mart part 3


Jan 28, 2011
I know…haircut and wallpaper.  Both are great and we will have pictures next week.

I just have to get the rest of these great images out there.  It is Friday and you need some pretty things to inspire you this weekend.
So…here they are.  If Mr Goodwill Hunting is reading then this is for him.  He posted that he found a 12 piece place setting of this silverware and I am here to tell you that one place setting is $270.00.  It is by a company called Arte Italia.  That is a lot of jack for silverware. 
Could you die???  I came around the corner to this….Osborne and Little wallpaper.  This picture does not do it justice…it is a dark brown background and the green portraits really pop out.  It was the setting for Julian Chichester and Mr. Brown.  Everything in there was “slap me” awesome.  
Do you not love when just a measly little pillow can send shivers?????
Speaking of pillows…here are some random ones I saw….
These are from Lacefield Designs.  They have some great ones and their price point is awesome.  Also all of her pillows are made in the USA!
Remember this from the Atlanta showhouse????  Well…here it “knocked off” and so cheap…nothing is sacred anymore.
Love this!!!  You can take your pillow with you everywhere.  I can see it now…snide friend:  Here comes Sherry with her darn pillow again….Me:  Hi snide friend…have you seen my pillow?  Snide friend:  Um yeah Sherry…give it a rest sweetheart.
Come on….cute.
When people come into your house you don’t have to say anything…just point to the pillows.
Spring is coming and I am digging this color scheme.
Love the antique hand mirrors on the wall…..
This is Tara Shaw.  We are BFF’s….not.  But can I tell you how NICE she was?????  Honestly she spent 20 minutes telling me about her line.  They are reproductions inspired by Antiques from Sweden, Italy, and France.  She has been featured in Veranda, Western Interiors and other publications.  They did a great spread about her over at  Willow Decor.  Very talented lady.
Ally…this is for you since you are starting a collection!
Please….I can hardly put my 6 pillows on my bed every morning.  Do like the color scheme though…
And….. please…somebody give me these trays…..
And…last but not least….do we not love Arteriors????  They have the best lighting and this one is my new fave right now…..
I need…I want….and if that is all it took…then they would be mine 🙂
That is it…we are done with the mart.  Won’t be back until July when I put myself through this torture all over again.
Have a smashing weekend.