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You have waited long enough…..Scott’s


Sep 13, 2011
Scott’s was insane this month.  I am not sure movie star money would have been enough.  I was only there on Thursday and I wanted to go back SO bad, but life just got in the way…….sometimes I think I subconsciously  don’t go back because it could get ugly.  You know what I mean?????

Anyway, my thought is that it will be back in a month 🙂  So no worries.
Y’all it has been crazy this last week.  I have been so lucky to get some wonderful new clients, and most of them from my article in BH&G or this blog.  How lucky can a girl get…….It is going to be a jam packed fall.
But right now let me jam pack your brains with more stuff…….

Every time I see a collection of things like this…I want them all.  But dang, how many do I need and I literally do not have enough surfaces in my house. Cute though…and a steal for $6.

See what I mean…a deal!

I stood here for like an hour staring at this coffee table.  Anytime I see something in this color I want it.  I could see potential “toe stubbing” on those metal legs.  Iron will break your toe….been there.

Sometimes don’t you just want to say loudly “your coming home with me!!!”  Then start dancing so people get all jealous that you are THAT happy over a dang zebra ottoman.  Like you are just that simple 🙂

Same scenario here.

How cute…old school desk in many colors.  $45.00.

Um….yes!  Love this.

TV’s have come a long way…..

WOWZA……a pair of lamps.

Pretty cool bar.

Sometimes I see things that just plain inspire me. Note to self….look for old bamboo plant stand.  Love how this orchid looks on it.

What is it about a grouping of glass jars.  You can do so much with them or just let them hang like this.  Cheap entertainment.

This was about a gazillion dollars……but oh so worthy. He knew what he had 🙂

LOVE….hand made.  Lynn has The Side Door Antiques in Bluffton, SC.  843 290 2687.  I so wanted.  If you live close by go to her shop.  She had some amazing things.

Faux Bois lamp shade!  Painted.

I love when they get clever.  Base from a coffee table.  How cute is this?

Like I said….I ALWAYS stop when I see anything this color….

Crazy midcentury madness here…..I could do it.

Still love me some chippy old chairs for $35.00! [my color]

Sometimes I do not even ask how much things are because if they are cheap then I am forced to buy it.  I mean I can’t leave it for someone else to get can I?????  Painted glossy black?????

My color again…..Crap I loved this….

Some people seemed upset that I defaced the Jere sculpture, but there are plenty to go around.  They are cheap.  This one was $45.00.  I think the world will be OK minus two of them without birds.  I haven’t started that project yet…..

Iron.  Painted white.  So “Pieces”.  Funky fabric on the seats.

Another bar.  Are you guys feeling my pain this month?????  It is like an addict sitting at a crack table.  Why do I torture myself like this.


OK…check this out.  An old birdcage holder.  She had just set the hanging pendant on it….but I thought they went together……then we both laughed because it was such an Ah Ha moment.  I told her to actually make it that way…..so here is your inspiration for the month.  Do you love?

pretty cool if you ask me.

Love these.  Local.  Great prices…and can custom.


Like I always say…you can get just about anything at Scott’s.

Pillows Wednesday….what…..wait!…that is tomorrow.  Oh yeah today is Tuesday.  I am a day late with this post.  How about Thursday.

Where does my time go.  Seriously, I have to post in the AM.  I am a morning person and anything that needs to be done after 7:30-8 pm will not happen.  I know my limitations.  I try not to set myself up for disappointment.  I am kind of a Type A person [maybe a strong B+] but with a few afflictions that will knock me off my game from time to time 🙂

Oh yeah….that’s right, I’m human.

Ok, let me proofread this sucker and get it out to cyberspace pronto….

Sha Ray.