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You’re tired of me


Jul 5, 2011
The last few post have been all about me…me…me.  I am feeling pretty selfish.  So no me today.  I have to tell you that being a designer in Atlanta, I am so lucky.  We have incredible sources like Scott’s, Ballard’s Backroom, Pottery Barn outlet, West Elm, and Ikea just to name a few.  There are also individual design stores where you can find incredible and unique things.  Some of them I have featured here like Belvedere and Nicholson Gallery.  

The other day I was over near the West End with a friend who has moved her office to the King Plow Art Center, which is a turn of the century renovated warehouse campus.  They have all kinds of businesses there which include  ballroom dancing, a catering company, and it is also a great place to have a wedding.  While we were driving around the area I saw a store out of the corner of my eye and we about had a wreck as I screamed “turn in there”….”now“!
It was a home store called Redefined.  Oh Lord….what have we here.  Whenever I walk into a place that I can tell I love I literally get chills.  Whoa….here they come.  
Here are some pics before I get too wordy on you guys…I know you like pretty things.  Cut the small talk and get to the goods.
I couldn’t quite read the sign as we were whizzing by but I thought it said Refined.  And I kept calling it that until my friend corrected me about a 100 times.  Whatever….
I took this one from the website.  Yes indeed…welcome home!
I love things like this in bookshelves to add some interest.  Most of the unusual things in this store are one of a kinds.
Honestly, old oil cans.
Old typewriters.  Things always look so good when grouped.
Old things look so pretty on bleached wood.
They also had some cool art.  The perfect combination…modern art, old things and beautiful upholstery
Are we loving blue lately?
Not really sure what these are but I want one.
Who doesn’t love a pretty bed…..
Or a headboard that makes a statement.
Wish I had a place in my house for an old shelf like this.
More blue.  
Seriously they had the best accessories.
Have some old door hinges?????
Love the fans and the table.
Just another great vignette 
I wanted this…bad.
They had great light fixtures.  Seriously it is worth a trip and there are some great places to have lunch in the area, like Miller Union.
This is a picture of the owner David William D’Ambrosio. His concept for the store stayed true to form with a vast mix of one-of-a-kinds, unique, well made furniture and beautiful art.  Personally I think he accomplished that and more.  I am definitely going to remember this place when accessorizing for my next job.
OK…I said it wasn’t about me today but I have to mention Jennifer at Brilliant Chic for featuring my foyer.  She did a post on rooms with stripes [great images for inspiration] and for some reason I made the cut.  Aww…shucks.  Thanks Jennifer.
And then here is a shot of a little something I did on my kitchen counter.
Hope you guys had a great holiday weekend.  It rained here yesterday so my plan to walk down to Lenox and see the fireworks just did not happen.  
I have a busy week [but yea…it is only 4 days long!]…what about you??

Don’t forget about the giveaway.  I will pick a winner Thursday.

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